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Research Focus

My research agenda focuses on Deaf students, faculty, and staff within higher education, emphasizing equity, representation, access, history, and intersectional identities (i.e., race, gender, and disability). Over the past decade, I have developed and focused on five research strands: a) Deaf communities and Higher Education, b) Disability and methodology, c) Collaborative research projects, and d) Disability and intersecting identities.

Current Research Project

This project is a collaboration with the
National Deaf Center on Postsecondary Outcomes.

Do you identify as Black, African American, Black Multiracial, AfroLatinx, AfroAsian, AfroIndigenous or African?


Do you identify as Deaf /hard of hearing/ Disabled/Person with a Disability?


Did or do you attend an HBCU?



Come participate in a study that focuses on the experiences of Deaf and hard of hearing students who attended HBCUs

Compensation: You will get ONE $10 gift card to the Philadelphia Printworks (an online social justice heritage brand and screen printing store) for each interview you complete- total $20)

Responsibilities: Fill out a short demographic survey and 2 virtual interviews. The interviews will be 1 hour each and the questions will focus on how and why you selected an HBCUs and your experiences as a student. All forms of communication will be accommodated.

Purpose: To explore the experiences you are having or had at an HBCU in order to strengthen the pipeline for Black Deaf and hard of hearing students to attend an HBCU and to contribute current day HBCU experiences into a historical book that will focus on the historical relationships between HBCUs and Black Deaf education.

Confidentiality: The interviews will be recorded, but all recording will be kept private. Your participation in this study is completely voluntary and you may refuse to participate or leave the study at any time.

Seem Interesting? Or Know someone that might be interested?
Please email me at to get involved or ask questions 

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