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Black Deaf Lives Matter

Children’s Activity Book


A fun coloring & activity book about Black Deaf life, history, culture, and sign languages


By Lissa Ramirez-Stapleton, PhD

Illustrated by Shawn Richardson

The book is out!!!!

Previous #1 New Release in Inclusive Education Methods 

The book can be purchased on Amazon.

Please contact Lissa Ramirez-Stapleton below to order bulk or schedule an interview. 

Follow on Instagram @BlackDeafEducation

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Book Reviews

Acknowledging and celebrating this community is imperative.
Dr. Ramirez-Stapleton shines a light where many have yet to turn their gaze

Dr. J

This is a wonderful and strongly need educational activity book. I love that it has positive self-image activities


What an amazing, unique, and well overdue book this is! It is so well written and conceived. The subject matter is both timely and timeless and presented in a way that is engaging and entertaining.

R. St. James

I’m truly impressed with this educational coloring activity book! Great resources to touch base with Deaf/Hard of hearing learners about Black Deaf life, history, culture, and Black American Sign Language (BASL)


Community Engagement

40 % of the book proceeds have gone to the following organizations and causes so far...

- National Black Deaf Advocates - Black Deaf Women Leadership Program

- 100 books were donated to 10 teachers around the world, impacting 250 kids

- Sponsored Black Deaf History Month programming for Deaf schools in California

- Supported the Georgia School for the Deaf -Black Deaf Alumni's Segregation documentary project

- Donated funds to support Black Deaf artists' work

- Donated funds to the Southern California Black Deaf Advocates Juneteenth Celebration

- Supplemented students' tickets to Deaf West Theater- Oepdius

- MORE to come!



of the proceeds

will go back into

the Black Deaf


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